I am an FX artist based in London. While my focus is on Houdini FX, my skills range to such disciplines as concept art, modelling, texturing, lighting and more.

From a young age onwards I have always been fascinated by film and games, and their power to move and captivate people. To create experiences that can not be had in the real world.

Projects I have worked on include Star Trek: Beyond, Brothers Grimsby and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Aside from film I have done freelance promotional/advertising work for SAAB, Einstök and Skyburn Games, and worked as a (lead) environment artist in the games industry.

I often get the question if I am more artistically or more technically oriented. Historically my friends would mainly describe me as artistic and creative, but more recently the word technical is more commonly used. I like to believe I bring both to the table in equal quantities. What drives me to be as technical as I can, is my belief that this will set me free artistically.

Recently I have teamed up with Pluralsight to create professional Houdini FX tutorials.

I hope you enjoy the work you find on my website. Feel free to get in touch with enquiries about my work, availability or anything else you might want to know. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.