Dyson V8: All The Power. Without The Cord

The Dyson V8 advert is another beautiful ETC product. For this I had to develop a number of effects, the main one being the vortex inside the suction chamber of the V8.

The client wished for an obvious boost, followed by a suction stream that looked like air going through a glass chamber. As air is invisible, even when it moves, we had to be creative in our approach. The colour couldn’t be too obvious as the “air look” would get lost, yet my challenge was to make the effect look powerful yet subtle at the same time without making it look like a rocket engine.

Another important effect I built was a CG carpet and related suction effect. We filmed a Dyson V8 going over a real carpet, placed on a table. As the V8 would come to the end, the camera would suddenly drop down and film upward. To make it look like the footage was shot from inside a carpet, we extended the carpet in CG around the camera. At the same time, I had to make the carpet look like it was under a lot of force from the V8 to provide continuity with the real carpet, but at the same time keeping the feeling of suction realistic and genuine to the product.

I also complemented the real particles coming out of the carpet with CG particles and some 3D popcorn models, to tie in the popcorn on the carpet from an earlier shot. I used a noise to move the carpet strands, which was stronger towards the top of the strands and would get ever stronger as the V8 approached the camera point. I also added in bending of the strands, again based on the distance and force from the V8. None of the carpet strand action is actually simulated. The whole thing was approached from SOP level as this was far more controllable and much faster to iterate over.

The third effect I had to do were dust and hair particles being sucked from between the sofa cushions, again keeping in mind a realistic suction force in relation to the advertised product.

The client was very demanding, but rightfully so, and this made the job challenging. In the end we brought it to a high standard and left the client highly satisfied with their final advert.