Seat: A Race Car Set Free

At Electric Theatre Collective I contributed to “A Race Car Set Free“, an advert for Seat, highlighting the new Seat Leon Cupra.

I developed a procedural fence set up in Houdini, which could be scaled and adjusted as needed, allowing it to be placed in any of the shots, using the same tool.

For the lace of the fence, the only thing I modelled was the intersection of the wires, which looks somewhat like an X shape. With a modest bit of maths I was able to duplicate and scale it as needed, allowing each piece to connect exactly where the previous piece left off while allowing the user to define the size and dimensions of the fence or its individual parts.

Because the geometry was procedurally generated along a set of curves, I was able to develop a painting system to add in dents to the fence, and to warp and skew the wires, while keeping the seamlessness intact. The geometry could then at render time be calculated and generated along those curves exactly, from a set of vectors defining the angle and direction of the geometry. This system allowed us to swiftly and easily create a number of fences from the same template.

The other pieces of the geometry were added in above and to the sides of the lace. By calculating the dimensions of the lacing, these could also be procedurally placed and adjusted to the dimensions defined by the user.