Honda: The Power of Dreams

For this series of adverts, promoting the new Honda range of cars (2017), I developed a procedural tool to lay out the neon lettering and scaffolding. The neon letters were  modeled in Maya, with the exception of the neon tubing, which I did procedurally in Houdini to allow for easy adjustments.

The tool allows the user to simply type in a word, then using Python, the tool calculates the dimensions of each letter model to lay them out accordingly. The letters can be scaled and moved around, the kerning precisely adjusted, after which the tool will simply adjust the scaffolding to match the new dimensions of the provided word.

Verious types of scaffolding were modelled, yet also made procedurally adjustable, to allow the user of the tool to choose the preferred type of scaffolding and make adjustments as needed. A plethora of adjustment options were provided in the tool, to allow for great artistic control over the final result, and avoiding the need to go in and make adjustments manually.

The tool also allowed for precise control over when letters would be lit or not, providing direct and effective visual feedback for the artist in the viewport about which letters were lit, and when, as we had to match this to the song playing in the background.

This tool meant we could push through all of the shots efficiently and without much effort, allowing us to spend more time on artistic iteration and fine tuning of the shots.